1. Project F-F2-F061 "Study of Gravitational Lenses, Formed Galaxies and Generalized Gravitational Models"

  2. Project staffPositionE-mail
    Alisher Muminov Project Leader
    Bobomurat Ahmedov Principal Investigator
    Zafar Turakulov Principal Investigator
    Ernazar Abdikamalov PhD student, currently at SISSA, Trieste, Italy
    Farrukh Fattoyev PhD student, currently at Florida State University, USA
    Bobur Turimov Technician
    Nikolay Frik Technician
    Vyacheslav Giryanskiy Technician

    Research of our group is mainly devoted to the general-relativistic electrodynamics of continuous media such as superconductor, conductor, plasma etc and its application for theoretical explanation and analysis of electromagnetic and astrophysical processes in the external gravitational fields. Experimental tests of general relativity, general relativistic electromagnetic effects and fields for pulsars and magnetized rotating and oscillating neutron stars are also in our scientific interests. The group is also studying solutions of field equations, particle motion and electromagnetic fields and waves around gravitating compact gravitating objects.