1. Project -13-226 "Development of Methods for Extraction of Data for Earthquake Prediction and Prognosis from Gravitational and Astrophysical Measurements"

    Project staffPositionE-mail
    Bobomurat Ahmedov (CV) Principal Investigator
    Avas Khugaev Principal Investigator
    Khotam Sultanov Principal Investigator
    Valeria Kagramanova Junior Researcher, currently at Oldenburg University, Germany
    Viktoriya Morozova Engineer
    Ahmadjon Abdujabbarov Junior Researcher
    Akhror Mamajanov Junior Researcher
    Ozodbek Rakhimov Technician
    Abdullo Hakimov Technician

    The aim of the Project is to use ionospheric and magnetospheric electromagnetic data obtained from ground based stations of space navigation systems DORIS and GPS for studying of correlation between ionospheric perturbations and earthquakes. Preliminary agreement with STAR Laboratory of Stanford University to establish collaboration on very low frequency (VLF) studies of ionospheric and magnetospheric electromagnetic phenomenon is under progress. It is expected that the project will involve the training of local personal on atmospheric ionospheric physics and the collaboration will eventually result in the set-up of an ELF/VLF radio receiver, provided by Stanford University.