Study of gravitational lenses and formed galaxies.

The subjects of research of scientific group is devoted to studying of early and non-stationary stages of galaxies evolution. Theoretical and observant methods of modern extragalactic astronomy are used. The observant part is directed on research of gravitationally lensed quasars (GLQ), and theoretical - to the analysis of physics of collapsing and forming stages of galaxies evolution.
By the first part we spend photometric observations of selected GLQ in Maidanak observatory and processing of the obtained data. For last 8 years we collect numerous multi-colour databank on more 12 GLQ – Q2237 (Einstein Cross), SBS1520, SBS0909, UM673 (Q0142), H1413, B1422, RXJ0921, PG1115 and others. On the basis of photometric data processing we find activity of a source quasar in all specified objects, it is revealed microlensing and time delay for some of them is calculated.
In a theoretical direction we construct analytical exact non-stationary models of early stages of evolution of protogalaxies and young galaxies. With the purpose of definition of formation conditions of their large-scale structure we study problems of gravitational instability of nonlinear nonequilibrium and collapsing conditions.

The project leader is prof. S.N.Nuritdinov

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